I have always had a wild imagination as far back as I can recall. At a very young age, I had this fascination with horror and wanted to read as much as I could. No matter how many books I ripped through, I just couldn't get enough. 


Along with my fascination of all things horror and supernatural, I yearned to write a book, or several. Then life happened. School, job, bills - responsibilities slapped me in the face and reality struck. What TIME did I have to write? Who in the world can hold down a full time job and go home to WRITE? My brain was mush by the time I got home from work. It just didn't seem possible, and my heart sank with unfulfilled hopes and dreams.


Until it happened. When I was faced with the possibility of losing my eyesight at a relatively young age, I vowed to myself I would push through. Not just for me you see, because now, I had a niece who at the time I came up with the concept of Flesh Cravers, wanted to pursue a career in Ghost Hunting (she was probably 6 years old). I had a new goal. I wanted to write something for HER to read. 


I never envisioned starting out with a Young Adult novel. After all, my mind is twisted and macabre to say the least. However, I couldn't very well write something for my niece and tell her "you can't read it until you're 18". Hence, the foundation of Flesh Cravers began emerging in my brain. 


Hours upon hours of looking for how to get published was an ordeal on its own. I opted for self-publishing. Why? Well, my goal was not to be rich and famous as an author. My goal was to simply hold my creation in my hands. To smell the pages as I flipped through the novel that took almost two years to finalize. Self-publishing seemed the right fit. 


My journey has just begun...