I am very excited to present to you my first self-published novel Flesh Cravers. I invite you into a world of the unknown. People are not what they seem, and seemingly beings are not who you want them to be. 


Sophia is a natural born Flesh Craver, i.e. zombie. Entering the world of Flesh Cravers, you join Sophia on her recruiting cases for F.L.E.S.H. Corporation. During her travels, she visits other realms in search for other worldly beings to join her corporation. 


Along with her dangerous and unsettling job, Sophia must manage friendships, relationships of past and present, as well as her daily struggles of accepting her fate of being a natural born Flesh Craver. 


Won't you walk alongside Sophia as she faces these challenges? You will be sure to enjoy quirky teenage behaviors and humor, and will meet some pretty cool supernatural beings along the way. 

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"Clever! Finally a fresh perspective! Enjoyed getting to know these fun new characters and intriguing new worlds." - Sarai Lewis


"Loved this book. The author is so creative. She invented this world where all kinds of beings exists. She has you believing that this world is real ( who knows maybe it is). Even though the main character--Sophia is a Zombie she has real life problems like her job and love life. A must read for any reader regardless of genre preference. Anxiously awaiting book 2. Great job Serendipity Bloom." - Brandy


"Best Book of the year. If you are into Modern Zombies, you will love this book. A must read." - Wanda Soto


Thank you for visiting my webpage! I'm very excited to begin working on keeping this as up-to-date as possible. I appreciate your patience as we all know too well the daily challenges presented to us - those horrible little creatures that try to keep us from doing what we want to do!


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